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“Empowering girls with a choice for a brighter future through skills training and sustainable scholarships.”



The sale of each girl’s jewelry goes to support her scholarship fund to empower her to continue her education as far as she wants to go. With an education, she has more options and a brighter future.


The YES Program has developed a targeted Entrepreneur Skills training program developed specifically for high school aged girls in the rural African context. We believe these skills will enable the girls to go higher and further no matter what career choice she has. And that CHOICE is the bigger picture – giving her back the power to choose her own future.


So why not just GIVE her the money for school?! We believe that through empowering HER to be the change agent in her own story, not only is she gaining incredibly valuable work experience, but she is given the opportunity to go back into her community with dignity and to show that she is capable of so much more than the world gives her credit for. It is not just giving her an education, but shifting the mindsets of both herself and her community on her value and worth and showing the world around her what she is capable of.

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